Zeekron is an online platform for buying and selling foreign currencies, such as the US dollars, British Pound, Euro etc. In other words, a online bureau-de-change. You can exchange currencies from your mobile phone or laptop computer.

Foreign currency exchange is a daily activity in Nigeria because we import almost everything we use in the country, including: toothpick, pharmaceutical drugs, cloths and electronics etc.

On Zeekron anyone can buy or sell foreign currencies online from any part of Nigeria.

We link interested buyers to currency sellers across different cities in Nigeria.

Zeekron also provide money-making opportunities, including: group investment whereby members invested money is used to trade currencies for a period of 30days. Members get back their money with 20% to 40% interest at the end of the 30days.

The second money-making opportunity on Zeekron is the Promotion Team. Members of the team earn money daily for introducing Zeekron to their friends on social media and across online forums and content platforms.

So, instead of paying Facebook, Google and Twitter etc for advertisement Zeekron is empowering individuals to earn money by promoting our platform online.

As a member of the Promotion Team there are 3 ways to make money on Zeekron.

To know more about the Promotion Team, go to: https://zeekron.com/zpt

To join the 30days Group Investment, go to: https://zeekron.com/join

If you have any question contact any of our Admins or send an email to: admin@zeekron.com

To become a member, you must register and verify your account. You must provide a valid email address and GSM number. You must also have an operational bank account.

After registration, log into your account. A verification code will be sent to your email address. Use it to verify your account so you can have access to the platform.

From your dashboard select one, out of the several, plans to initiate your first investment.

Once your investment is activated you start to earn daily, after trading, for 30 days.

Ready to grow your money through ZEEKRON? Join us today!