Zeekron Promotion Team: What Is It And How Do I Benefit?

The Zeekron Promotion Team is a way of making money online without necessarily having your own product to sell.

Members of the team make N50,000+ weekly working from the convinence of their smartphone.

To qualify to be a member you must be active online and a member of a social media platform, like Facebook, with atleast 300 friends and above.

You will be provided with the needed tools and trainings on how to achieve your aim of earning N50,000 weekly.

How Will I Make As A Member Of The Team?

As a member of Zeekron Promotion Team, there are 3 ways to make money:

1. Content Posting: You earn money daily for each content you post on your Facebook wall. The contents will be provided for you.

2. Referral Commission: Each content you post have your unique referral link embedded on it. Anyone that join Zeekron through your ref link and invest; you will get 10% as referral commission.

3. If you introduce anyone to join the Zeekron Promotion Team, you will get 50% referral bonus from the membership fee.

If you follow the guideline that will be give to you, you're sure of making N50,000 and above weekly.

You will be coached on how to use the contents to get referrals, outside your social media friends, easily without much efforts.


There are two types of members: Basic and Premium.

The Basic membership is free and is the default membership type. However, members only earn referral commissions.

For the Premium membership, you're to pay a one time membership fee.

The membership fee is ₦5,000 but you can join today for just ₦2,000 ONLY.

This is a special discount offer because of our ongoing campaign to spread Zeekron nationwide.

You need to register and verify your account. You must provide a valid email address and GSM number. You must also have an operational bank account, where your earnings will be paid into.

After registration, login and a verification code will be sent to your email address. Use it to verify your account email.

Once your account is verified. You will have access to the contents you can start posting.

If you wish to upgrade the premium membership to enjoy the added benefits you're to make your membership payment of ₦2,000 ONLY to our corporate account.

Once your payment is confirmed your membership will be validated.

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